HBNS was founded in 2003 to provide
services to the hotel industry for their
cabling and network needs by upgrading
to new wireless standards. In 2004, HBNS
expanded services into the Healthcare
Managed Information Technology space
providing desktop and network support
to end users. In 2016, HBNS joined forces
with The Innovation Institute, LLC, which
has the strategic purpose of focusing on
innovation and growth in the healthcare

HBNS is committed to providing a truly
integrated solution for all of the Electrical
and Technology needs that your business
may have. From design, to implementation,
to maintenance and support, HBNS is your
strategic partner for your team that will
deliver results to insure that you can focus
on running the business.

HBNS has experienced staff in the
areas of electrical and low voltage
cabling and infrastructure, as well as a
highly technical team that works in
Managed Information Technology and
Business Systems. HBNS will help to
maintain and grow your infrastructure,
while troubleshooting user systems to
ensure they remain working productively.
HBNS would like to be your integrated
electrical and technology partner that
you turn to for any project and support

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